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Exploring great Beach Music, Rock Music and just great Sports Talk. Come join us Live Monday-Sunday as we dive deep into the things you love.


Trey Snide

Trey Snide Founder of The THR3ANDOUT Radio Network and Host of Just Shaggin. The Network started out as dream and a goal, now that dream/goal has come to life. I wanted a place to bring multiple avenues of fantastic Sports Talk but also great music. I believe we have accomplished that with this network. This brand is built by fans for the fans and without all your support none of this would be possible. So I thank you. I started writing 5 years ago and I just new there was something more. I wanted something bigger. I went from doing a show one day a week, to being live Monday-Friday. The network has not looked back since.


Joshua "The ShadowCat" Outland: A Carolina Panthers super-fan turned to a Thr3AndOutRadio sports announcer

Frank Conti

I'm the host for 2 Baseball radio shows on 27 Outs Baseball Network.
1)" Lets Talk Pine Tar And Rosin Bags".
2)"Lets Talk R And M". (Rays & Marlins)

New program on the THR3ANDOUT Network witch is a all sports show,
"Lets Be Frank".

Frank is a MLB and MiLB credentialed covering the Rays, Marlins and The Florida State League MiLB. Know as the Rays Marlins Twins and FSL guru.

LaDonna Samani

LaDonna Samani, grew up in St. Louis huge Cardinals fan. Grew up watching the cowboys now living in Dallas area with my husband . Enjoys watching all sports.

Ben Poplin

Ben Poplin, 27, is a broadcast professional of eight years. He has provided play-by-play at the high school, collegiate, and professional level.

His broadcasting career began as a sophomore while attending Kennesaw State University after answering a campus-wide email for students interested in play-by-play. During his junior year, he was named one of the official voices of Owl Athletics. He went on to call a total of six sports for Owl Radio and A-Sun.TV (Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Lacrosse).

In the fall of 2012, Poplin was hired as the radio voice for the Atlanta Braves Single-A affiliate Rome Braves baseball. He would later become the radio voice for the inaugural season of Berry College football. Over two seasons, he called 280 baseball games and 20 football games on 95.7 The Ridge/Talk Radio WLAQ -1410AM. He also was on the mic for 100+ Berry College men's and women's basketball games.

In 2014, he had the opportunity to call the Atlanta Braves Exhibition Game alongside Jim Powell on the Braves Radio Network.

Poplin currently serves as the Public Address Announcer for Darlington High School and Berry College athletics. Other duties include hosting a weekly trivia night at Johnny’s New York Style Pizza, GameDay Program Operator/Reporter for the Rome Braves, and monthly contributions for Talking Chop.

You can hear him weekly as he co-hosts "The Interview" podcast alongside Chris Hogan for 27 Outs Baseball Network.

A native of Rome, GA and 2012 graduate of Kennesaw State University with a B.S. in Communication, Poplin still resides in Rome.

Brian Jones

Meet Brian Jones! Brian joined thr3andoutradio in July 2017 and is currently the co-host of "The Sports Report with LaDonna and Brian." He was previously a blogger and contributor for the Rivalry Sports Radio Network and related platforms. He is an avid fan and supporter of the Kansas Jayhawks, New York Jets, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. Brain Jones currently resides in Kansas City, MO with his wife, Sierra and their daughter, Aleaiyah. Tune in tonight at 6 pm for "The Sports Report with Ladonna & Brian!"

Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan - Radio Host of The Interview podcast 27 Outs Baseball

A native of New England, Hogan has been around the game of baseball for the past 20 years either as a fan or media member. Since joining 27 Outs Baseball in January 2015, he has covered all levels of the Minor League Baseball ranks and enjoys going the extra mile to find the next best interview for the podcast . Follow him on Twitter @ChrisHogan__

Tony Horton

Hello, I'm Tony Horton.

My goal in life is to change lives.
1 person at a time, 1 couple at a time, 1 family at a time. Applying that standard together WE can change the world. A wise man once told me "If you're not changing someone elses life then why are you here?"
I want to be the best version of me I can be. I want to show people that dreams can and do come true. A few years back as I met a couple that change my out look and aspect of life itself. Instead of thinking about what I had that I didn't want, I changed my view and my mindset to see and live in what I wanted that I didnt have YET. This couple changed my look at life, lifestyle and My Legacy. I went through a rigorous vetting process and earnd their mentorship. That was 6 years ago, I thank God for them everyday. My now good friend and mentor told me, "Find someone who is living the life you want to live , do what they did and one day you'll have what they have." ~V.P.
That and dedicating my life to Christ changed my life for the rest of my life.

I build and live my life by constantly increasing on these 4 pillars.
A.) Spiritual relationship
B.) Health
C.) Finacial
D.) Circle of friends

As long as I'm continually increasing in these areas I can always feel that come monitary wealth or not in still wealthy.

I'll leave you with a few of my most favorite quotes.

  • "Dont rush the process trust the process."

    ~ Eric Thomas

  • "Whatever the mind of a man can consieve and believe it can achieve."

    ~ Napoleon Hill.

  • "...Fight for it, work day and night for it, give everything you've got for it."

    ~ Les Brown.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life-
I love you all.

Tony D. Horton

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